This questionnaire will help me place each available puppy with the right family or person to become a family member. I strive to place each of my puppies in the best forever home. I will make contact when puppies are 2-3 weeks of age. Thank you for your answers. 

Name *
Phone *
1. Preferred puppy gender:
3. Preferred coat length
4. Have you ever owned a corgi? *
If you have not owned a corgi, have you researched the corgi breed enough to be certain this is the right breed of puppy for you?
5. Are you aware of the grooming care required of this double-coated dog breed? *
6. Do you know the Pembroke Welsh corgi is a herding dog and they require daily exercise and interaction with humans and other dogs? *
8. Do you have a fenced yard? *
9. Will you continue to crate your puppy at night? *
11. Are you planning to breed your puppy in the future? *
If not, do you plan on spaying or neutering your puppy?
(Breeding dogs are sold with full AKC registration. Pet only dogs are sold with limited registration with a spay/neuter clause in the puppy contract.)
13. Do you have children? *
14. Have you considered, after your puppy has received ALL puppy vaccinations, to go to obedience school with your puppy? *
17. Are you interested in being added to the $100 paid waiting list to give you preference in picking your puppy? (Picks are made in order of deposits received.)